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At Total Renovation Group we believe one of the most important things you could ever have is a solid roof over your head. Roofing serves as protection for the most important things in life, whether it's your family or the company you've worked so hard to build. It's easy to understand why keeping up with it is so important. Not only can it protect, but a new roof can do amazing things for the look and value of your property. So, give us a call and let us be the one to help with all your roofing needs.

  • Asphalt
    • Three-tab Shingles - Three-tab Shingles, so named for the three "tabs" appearing with the full width of each individual shingle, are the least expensive composition shingle offered. These shingles normally come with manufacturer's warranties ranging from 20 to 30 years.

    • Architectural Shingles - Architectural Shingles are the most popular composition shingles offered today. Heavier weights, longer warranty periods, great thickness, unique color blends, three dimensional appearance, and shadow lines are some of the features contributing to their popularity. Warranties for architectural shingles range from 30 years to a lifetime and prices will vary from approximately the cost of a 30 year laminate composition shingle to more than the cost of a cedar shake. Some of the most popular architectural shingles being installed on today's homes include, Pro Oakridge, Duration, Woodcrest and Woodmoor by Owens Corning, Heritage, Heritage XL, Heritage 50, Heritage Vintage, Stonecrest Slate and Lamarite Slate by Tarnko.

  • Shakes
    • The two general classifications of cedar roofing material include cedar shakes and cedar shingles. Cedar roofing materials are produced from western red cedar, predominately native to the great Pacific Northwest. Cedar roofing materials, known for their natural beauty, are proven to be extremely resilient to weathering.

      • Cedar Shake - Cedar Shakes are normally manufactured in both 18" and 24" lengths with a butt thickness of 3/8", 1/2", or 3/4". Shakes can be custom-cut to provide greater butt thickness upon request. Generally speaking, the greater the thickness of a shake, the longer the roof will last. Cedar shakes have a hand split face that creates a distinguished rustic appearance. It is the hand split face that differentiates cedar shakes from cedar shingles.

      • Cedar Shingles - Cedar shingles are normally manufactured in 16", 18" and 24" lengths with .4", .45", and .5" thickness respectively. Contrary to the hand split face of cedar shakes, cedar shingles have a machine-cut face that provides for a uniform, smooth, more tailored appearance.

        Cedar shakes and shingles may be pressure treated with chemicals to provide protection from fire or to protect from mildew and fungal decay. Fire retardant shakes and shingles by Chemoco offer a patented fire retardant formula that binds to the innermost cells of the wood during a vacuum-impregnation process. The result is protection for your family that has been proven to permanently retard fire.

        Cedar shakes and shingles can be commercially pressure treated to effectively provide secure, long-term protection against fungal decay and termite attack. Osmose CCA preservative fixes inside the wood cells and actually reduces surface weathering. In fact, cedar shakes and shingles pressure treated Osmose CCA preservative provide permanent treatment for approximately the same cost as one topical treatment which is only effective for a few years.

  • Derbigum (For Flat Roofs)
    • Derbigum Roofs stand the test of time, with its unparalleled protection of your building and its contents against water damage. Unmatched value for your long-term roofing investment. The Derbigum membrane is made from a patented bitumen-polymer matrix with dual reinforcements for unrivaled strength, stability and longevity.

      Exceeding industry and regulatory requirements. Derbigum is also available in a fire rated formula. Accompanied by many options in materials and application solutions to fit a variety of buildings, climates, and cost considerations. Contractors spend less time on the roof and create fewer disruptions for the building occupants. After installation, Derbigum is easy to clean and maintain. With its proven 30-year of in-place performance, your investment will stand the test of time.

  • Man-Made
    • Man-made roofing tiles are a good option for someone who wants the look of natural slate, but doesn't want to pay the higher cost. These can be made out of concrete, clay, stone-coated metal, fiber, or a combination of fiberglass, resin, slate dust or Pearlite. Man-Made roofing can be more expensive than some nature roofing alternative, but the advantage is a wide selection of shapes, textures and colors, as well as fire resistance.

      One of the most popular Man-Made slates is made from fiber cement with a waterproof coating. The advantage is lower cost than natural slate, but the drawback is shorter life cycle at approximately 40 years. Resin-based slate, on the other hand can last as long as 60 years, although they are often as expensive - if not more - than natural stone.

      While there are benefits to natural slate materials, manufactured slate is easier to work with, lighter and doesn't require some of the additional structural reinforcement natural slate often requires.

  • Repairs
    • Total Renovation Group is experienced in all types of residential roof repairs. Our team of managers, sales staff, and insurance recovery specialists allows you to rest assured that your property is being restored in a professional manner.

      When storm damage is minimal, a roof can be repaired instead of replaced. Your Total Renovation Group project manager will evaluate your roof and recommend the necessary repairs. We will provide a detailed estimate of the repairs needed.

      Did you know in most cases your homeowner's insurance provider will pay for Emergency Roof Tarping? If your roof has sustained damage and you are waiting for your insurance adjuster to call, we can help you minimize the damage.

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