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What good is Green without common sense? While we all agree that going Green is vital to eliminating our carbon foot print and conserving energy, not all of us can afford to run out and buy brand new "Green" appliances or convert our home to solar power, no matter how much we may want to. And even if you can afford it, what´s the point of replacing something that is working just fine? After all, wouldn't throwing away perfectly good appliances only be adding to the problem? You betcha!

So here at Total Renovation Group we have come up with some practical, common sense changes we could all afford to make. Be smart and consider some of these services, as you begin to take the steps toward going Green.

  • Caulking
    • Sealing unwanted leaks around your home is an excellent way to cut energy costs and decrease the household carbon footprint. Also, sealing cracks and crevices around your home puts less strain on home appliances and can save time, money, and hassle by preventing major repairs.

      Caulking is recommended for: Window and door frames, siding and trim, stucco, plaster, electrical and utility boxes, painted surfaces, baseboards, wood, aluminum, concrete, stone, metal, moldings, brick, masonry, glass, and vinyl. Caulking is available in many colors and is also paintable and is premium all-weather protected.

  • Foam Sealant
    • An all-direction, minimal-expanding foam sealant for small cracks and gaps. This weatherproof sealant insulates window and door jambs and instantly forms a durable seal to stop drafts and insects.

  • Insulating Paint Additive
    • Insulating Paint Additive has been proven to save homeowners over 20% of their normal heating and cooling costs! Winter or Summer, interior or exterior - just adding Insulating Paint Additive to your next painting project is a big step towards energy conservation that will work for you year after year.

      Insulating Paint is a unique treated ceramic material specifically engineered to improve the effective insulation of the surfaces to which it has been applied. Mixed into any type of paint and used in hundreds of different types of application it acts as an invisible radian heat reflecting barrier that improves comfort, reduces heating and cooling requirements and dampens ambient noise.

  • Rain Barrels
    • Rain Barrels are the nifty little things that collect rain water from your downspouts for later use. Generally, homeowners use rain barrels to help maintain their garden or landscaping, which cuts down on energy costs.

  • Energy Saver Windows and Doors
    • ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors, and skylights can reduce your energy bills up to 15% while helping protect the environment. Here at Total Renovation Group we have a vast selection of ENERGY STAR qualified options to choice from which will enable you to help minimize your carbon footprint but not sacrifice style.

  • Furnace Filters
    • Several times more efficient than standard disposables, they will be able to trap particles such as pollen before they make a home in your ducts. The perfect addition for those wanting to reduce energy bills by increasing efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems. Designed for residential as well as commercial applications in a central air conditioning and heating system for allergy relief and clean, fresh air. No ozone is generated by these furnace filters. The furnace filter is permanent and filter pads are easily removed, vacuumed and washed with water, and reusable.

  • Programmable Thermostat
    • With Programmable Thermostats you can save up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs. Precise comfort control maintains consistent comfort to the highest level of accuracy. Simplified programming and operation makes it easy to navigate and set. Easy change battery door allows for easy battery replacement without removing or disassembling the thermostat. Built in instruction guides you through the set up process without hassle. Purchasing a Programmable Thermostat enables you to save energy while you're at work but, but ensures you will be comfortable by the time you get home due to its timer capabilities.

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